Tangled III: A Royal Fairytale Adventure is a American films 3D computer-animated with DisneyToon Studios in the sequel of Tangled.

Plot Edit

Rapunzel and Pascal save the Rapunzel's Tower that time in going into the rapunzel's tower when Pascal tries to eat Parrot his with Rapunzel and Pascal when a evil fox and mr. Potato head when hit evil fox will be to list of fairytale when a evil fox his family guys when Flynn Rider and Rapunzel fall into a pond works by the Pascal into a rock will Rapunzel when Pascal his friends his Flynn Rider attacks Maxmunis escapes by the Forest animals and bugs when Rapunzel scared of the ghost when hill and Spain and Forest when lazy got a Flynn Rider when Rapunzel hot and cold when hill by the animal toys dolls attacks Rapunzel bartling Mother Glothel fall into a river.