E.B., Fluffy, Patch, Bit and Fred attack Suchomimus in Hop 2.

The Suchomimus first prominent role, is when Hop 2, the movie protagonist, and her character pack survives a flood. However, he presence of the much larger Suchos drives them away to a beach.

Later on, the Suchos follow the same suit, but Patch is able to kill a male sucho by luring it close to the sea, allowing a? Sarcosuchus that E.B. had encountered earlier to kill the Sucho.

The E.B.'s Dad has been Suchomimus roared at Fred for a chasing character fighted by E.B., Bit and Fluffy killed to E.B. and Patch kicked Suchomimus's head by E.B. and Sarcosuchus into the water.