Donald's Golf Game is a 1938 Donald Duck animated short.


Donald needs silence to concentrate on his golf game, but his nephews (who have been pressed into duty as caddies) have other plans, including a bag full of trick clubs.






Have a Laugh! changesEdit

The following scenes were deleted from the short version due to time constraints:

  • The opening scene of Donald and the nephews, the former spinning his club over his head like a baton and the latter carrying the bag of clubs over their heads, is shortened.
  • Donald shushing his nephews and ordering a bird in the tree above to keep silent.
  • The nephews distracting Donald with a cold in their noses and Donald retaliating by shutting their beaks with clothespins, only for them to sneeze and blow away the clothespins.
  • The scene of the first trick club turning into a net.
  • When given a second trick club, Donald calling out, "Fore!", then looking toward his innocent-looking nephews with suspicion.
  • The club-turned-umbrella squirting water out of the top like rain and Donald examining it and getting startled as a fake bee pops out of it.
  • Donald telling his fleeing nephews, "If you ever come back here, I'll skin you alive!"
  • Donald preparing the path from the ball to the golf hole and eyeballing the distance before hitting it.
  • Donald going after the bouncing golf ball is shortened; it only shows the ball about to land in the water as Donald furiously tries in vain to hit it.
  • Donald saying about the bouncing golf ball, "There's something screwy about this..."
  • The grasshopper in the ball having spat Donald in the eye, Donald exclaiming, "That's a dirty trick!"
  • The entire scene of the nephews hitting their balls over and under the entangled Donald, at his expense.