Daily's Pets is a Canadian-American children's television series where's United Kingdom of the characters colored my living in the rock of the directed by Helena Smee who's than the that rock.


  • Daily is a ordinary 9 year-old girl who pets and Disney cartoon of the friends petstore and castle of the not the one in the living the character a panda and the duck.
  • Leo is a Daily's younger brother.
  • Hector is Daily's friend who appeared into the island of the castle of the huggy day cute white-black panda.
  • Emily is a Daily's Mother who appeared in Leo back.
  • Wezie is a yellow duck who appeared in the linge of the daily and hector's friend.
  • Michael is a white-ice blue cat who appeared in the long old of the inordinate not in the bed a collage blue bow who characters of the island of the magical tall tales of the island of the training.
  • Marine is a white-ice blue cat that who greater in the city great inordinate who in a Michael's town tale of the castle tail a collage red bow who appared in episodes.
  • Mr. Giant Cat is a lime-light green cat who appear in petstore with the channel musical live.
  • Millie is a dark blue rabbit who appeared in the great day for one minutes that who appear in great.