Corn Chips is a 1951 short with Donald Duck and the chipmunks Chip n Dale.


Donald is cleaning the snow out of his drive way, when suddenly Chip n Dale clean the snow off their branch, so Donald grabs them to clean of his snow when they get very tired and do it fast as they a water container so that makes Donald laugh. They get mad, so they at Donald's house a he grabs a box with popcorn. While he goes to look for wood, the chipmunks enter and try to eat the corn but they can't swallow it. So the corn pops when they lanuched it to the fireplace. But it's war between Donald vs The chipmunks of who gets the popcorn. So Chip n Dale cover Donald's house with a storm of popcorn they got from 2 boxes and Donald ends up cleaning popcorn out of his driveway.Template:Disney-animation-film-stub